Who/What is this?!

Oh. Hey there.

I’m Laina. I’m a yoga-teaching, Type-A psycho in this journey we call life.

My interests and activities include, but are certainly not limited to:  adventuring, tripping up the stairs, testing sarcasm on people without a sense of humor, casually conversing with strangers, hosting my own social experiments in public spaces, doing good deeds everyday, procrastinating, being a super health vegan freak by day and binge drinking booze by night, having adult conversations with children, nerding out on all things political and NPR, riding bikes (that look like they are from a dump, but are seriously faster than yours), talking about unicorns, acting like a gypsy, and most importantly admiring the beauty in the world and my life.

I was born in Seattle, but consider myself a Colorado native (i.e. when I am in Seattle, I am from Colorado, when I am in Colorado I am either a native of from Seattle, depending on the context or person).

Lets get the obvious out of the way….

I am in pursuit of this societal pressure we call a college degree in Communications and Political Science at Colorado State University.  Being “over school” is an overstatement, but I would rather be over it than out there beating old women and children for a big girl job. I want to travel the entire world, embrace and learn from every culture I can.  I want to do good and help others, but I figure I need to find my essential self first.  Thus my desire for self-exploration. Real talk.

I am also a lover of all things yoga.  I have been practicing for 8 years and recently became a certified yoga instructor.  Yoga is the most mind opening, physically challenging, mentally soothing activity I have discovered yet.  All lessons learned on the mat translate off the mat to a T.  I love that there is no end or goal in sight, only to become mindful and present in every activity.  If I had my way, I would quit my material life and become a traveling yoga gypsy, spreading the love all over the world. Le sigh…. society. This blog will track my progression of my practice and teaching, from my experiences to my inspirations.

I hope you enjoy my daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/yearly posts (depending on the state of my ADD/procrastination), and take a little something with you each time you read. Also, I would love to hear YOUR thoughts on unicorns. They are so majestical and ethereal, they can’t be ignored (I hope your sensing the half-sarcasim and half-serious tone…)



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