Get Weird.

While making an argument that Gypsy’s should have political standing in my Political Theory class, a girl blatantly called me out. “You are so weird”, she says.  Normally I would giggle, taunt back at her for having a fake tan and wearing heels to campus, brush it off, and then secretly cry and proceed to stick needles in her Voodoo doll (I’m kidding. I don’t do that. Voodoo dolls are so 90’s).  But today was different.  I was literally PUMPED that she called me weird.  In fact, I gloated off to find someone else to call me weird.

It made me realize the importance of those bizarre qualities we posses.  Weird is good. Weird is colorful and interesting. Weird makes us stand out from others.  It is your authenticity, your quirkiness, your you-ness.
They make us who we are.  I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have the strong urge to discuss Unicorns with strangers, tell bartenders it’s my 18th birthday, or wear neon leggings and a leotard to the library on a Wednesday.  If I didn’t have those “weird-istics”, I wouldn’t be who I am. I would be someone else. Ew.

This even also made me realize how “being weird” is frowned upon. The dictionary defines it as odd, unusual, strange, bizarre .  All pretty negative connotations.  It’s true though, anytime you use weird to describe a situation, it’s usually to portray the awkward negativity of that event (i.e. an evening at Red Rocks last Friday night, someone’s basement after the bars at 4 am, a first date encounter, etc.)

We try to fit into this category of normalcy to avoid confrontation, when we are inherently individual.  News flash: normal is boring. It seriously is soul-less and bland.   There is truly no right way.  It is made up and not-real.  Urban Dictionary says it best: “Normal- A word made up by this corrupt society so they could single out and attack those who are different.”  Ouch.  Point for the weirdos!  Thus, I motion to start a weird revolution. Change up the negativity. Embrace your inner-weird and show it to the world.  Everyone’s about to get reeeeall weiird up in here.

Now Im not saying go out and find a weird characteristic just because.  Let it be authentic and you.  Im also not supporting seriously creepy weirdnesses that are most definitely teetoring on the fence of offensiveness.  Examples:

1. Being a weird serial killer

2.  Mouth breathing

3.  Stalking (FB is ok, Im talking restraining order style)

4.  Hoarding weird animals

Don't be THAT guy.

These are no-go’s in my book.  When I say tap into your inner-weird, Im talking like break out that yarn and knitting kit in public, host your own social experiments because your interested, ask a random stranger their thoughts on anything, wear a halloween costume on a Tuesday, join a weird group.  Whatever habits you’ve been hiding, STOP HIDING THEM. Let them out.

Being weird is like being the first horse to morph a little horn out of your forehead.  All of the other horses laugh and mock your weird characteristic. But guess who’s the most majestical creature of all times now?!?! You, you ethreal Unicorn. You are the most majestical.

So here it is. True Life: Let your Freak Flag FLY!  Do a little soul searching, and find your weird niches.  And when you find them, feed into them like there is no tomorrow.  You will be shocked at how entertaining and colorful life becomes.

The light in me acknowleges in inner weird in you.


P.s. For your enjoyment:


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