As I try to come up with a phenomenal first-post topic, I naturally have writer’s block and start to think my life is unblogworthy. Wrong! no one’s life is unblogworthy. Everyone should have a blog.  Even babies and puppies. Life is worth documenting, regardless if your mother and crazy aunt are the only ones that read it. Or your future children that will look back and consider you bizarre and old school. Whatevs future babies, bring it on!

Thus, I will begin with the purpose of this blog….

This is not your average “dear diary tell-all of mundane adventures” blog. This is not a rant and rave of everything that is “wrong” with our world.   This is a glimpse into my unstable, outlandish, curious mind on my journey to mental clarity and things of the like.  The title: “Love it or Leave it”, is simple.  If you don’t love something, leave it. You are wasting your energy and life if you don’t love what you are doing, whether it be a relationship or a career.  If you can’t leave it, learn to love it. One great thing yoga has taught me is that we have the power to control our minds in any situation.  Everyday we make the decision of looking at the world through ‘la vie en rose’ or those terrible 3-D lenses, turning each day into a positive or negative one.  Our thoughts are perhaps the only thing we truly have control over, so why not use them to create joy? Truth? Yes.

What’s ironic about the entire thought of this blog, Love it or Leave it, is that I am only beginning to figure this whole idea out for myself.  I used to think that love was reserved for those in a romantic relationship, or the love you share with your close family members (or precious baby girl dog).  But love is undoubtedly for everyone.  We are put on this earth to seek out what makes our heart full, whatever that might be.  As I type this, I can’t help but feel like a hypocrite.  I am such a cynic about love.  I’ve had my fair share of heart breaks, unloving relationships, and heart-wrenching jobs; enough to believe that finding someone or something to love was out of the question.  Once I truly started to acknowledge my self as a human being with real emotions, I tapped into what I truly love.  Yoga, being lazy on a cloudy day, spending time with my family, riding my bike at dusk, and good company with great conversation are things that I can honestly say I love.   These things make up for everything else in my life that is simply par.  They revive my soul.  I hope that everyone that reads this acknowledges what they love about their life.  Because no matter what you are going through, there is always something positive. ALWAYS.

Alright. True Life: I promise my posts won’t all be this deep. In fact, I’m going to write about something extra shallow for the next one. To balance out all of this emotional rhetoric.

So hot.

With love and light. Namaste.



3 thoughts on “Love.

  1. And crazy fathers read this kind of stuff. You da best for getting this started. Just remember, people will love it or not love it, that is your sharing result. Roll with whatever it brings. After all, it’s not easy being a champion!

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